Neighborhood Meetings/Updates

The following information is provided by the organizations and individuals listed below:

-Boston Neigh. Walk for Peace, Mon. 9.21, 6 PM, Lilla Frederick Pilot MS, 270 Columbia Road
-PRI Free Paint Night with SPARC!, Mon. Sept 21, 6 AM, GH Comm. Center, 51 Geneva Ave (space is limited, please rsvp)
-GHYWA meeting, Wed., 9.23.15, 10 AM, Burke High School, 60 Washington St
-Trotter School Parent Council/ Community meeting_Wed. 9.23.15, Trotter, 135 Humboldt Ave
-AG Action Hours, Wed. Sept 23, 4 – 7 pm, Haitian Multi Service Center, 185 Columbia Road
-Join Project RIGHT as we help collect signatures for the Fair Share Amendment Campaign

-Boston Neigh. Walk for Peace, Sat. 9.26, 6 PM, Pleasant Hill Bapt. Church, 155 Humboldt Ave.


For updated information on what Project RIGHT, Inc. (PRI) is working on in Grove Hall, or issues that may impact the neighborhood, go to

or to our new website (


Remember, call 911 (they have a new system so if you are using a cellphone and in Boston, your call should be answered by the Boston Police Department) if you have a public safety issue.

Introducing Boston 311

For non-emergency Boston city services

Each day we accept hundreds of reports of graffiti, burnt out street lights, missed trash collection, and more over the phone, social media, and mobile app. We've now aligned these reporting services under the name Boston 311.

What does this mean for you? You'll still be accessing the same non-emergency city services, but in a way that's easier to remember, use, and recommend.

How to Use 311:

You can access 311 services wherever you are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Every report you make helps us maintain and improve our city.


Dial 311 within Boston City limits to connect with our call center. 617-635-4500 still works too or go the city website, ( ) if you have a city service non-emergency issue.  We need to be actively contacting this numbers and utilizing the city’s website.  Your participation has been critical to the accomplishments in Grove Hall.


PRI thanks you for your generous support during the past year and now that we are in 2015, please consider providing support to the variety of organizing campaigns and prevention initiatives that we have going on (for those of you who are state and city employees, Project RIGHT, Inc. is also listed through the COBECC campaigns):


Donate to Project RIGHT


Neighborhood Walk starting from Lilla Frederick Pilot Middle School and Pleasant Hill Baptist Church


Please Join Project RIGHT, Inc., your neighbors, your schools, your community & faith based institutions and your public/law enforcement representatives in the Grove Hall neighborhood walks from the Lilla Frederick Pilot Middle School (Monday, Sept. 21, 6 PM).


Monday, 9/21, 6 pm from Lilla G. Frederick Pilot Middle School, 270 Columbia Rd.

Saturday, 9/26, 6 pm from Pleasant Hill Baptist Church, 155 Humboldt Ave


(See the below message via the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute for more information)



Boston Neighborhoods Walk for Peace


As we all know, the recent weeks have been very difficult for many of our neighbors and neighborhoods. At the request of Commissioner Evans, many of us came together on August 17 to talk and work towards things that we can do together to disrupt and ultimately stop the violence in our city. 


Although many thoughts and ideas were shared, a most immediate and tangible step that the Mayor asked we do together is schedule a series of neighborhood walks to engage together with parts of our city that have witnessed and suffered from the most recent acts of violence. 


We ask that you forward to all of your networks. 


Rev. Scott offered the following thought, "There were many forces that drove Boston's violence dramatically downward in the 1990s. One was a lot people working hard, together. The other was people praying. In the Jewish and Christian traditions we are told to 'Seek the peace of the city. Pray ... for it.' These walks are seeking peace. As we walk many of us will pray in our hearts for peace. Please join us in this and continue to find ways, many ways, to build relationships with and create opportunity for the young people of our City." 


Rev. Scott will be present at each walk and coordinate the route in each neighborhood with those present from that specific area.


Spread the word and come out for Neighborhood Walks.

Contact Linda LoPriore for more information at



Project RIGHT, Inc. and Sparc! The Artmobile present

A Free Paint Night! (a few seats remain, please rsvp…if you are unable to come, please let us know so we can use this seat for someone else who can come)…for all ages


Monday evening, Sept. 21, 2015, 6 pm

Grove Hall Community Center

51 Geneva Ave, Grove Hall

All tools are provided for all ages!

Rsvp:  Aljemall Peeples (aljemallpeeples@yahoo.com617.212.9228)

Co sponsored by Grove Hall Community Centers/Boston Centers for Youth & Families and Center for Art and Community Partnerships/ MASSART



Grove Hall Youth Workers Alliance


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

noon– 1:30 PM


(It is a new school year…what are our priorities?)


Jeremiah E Burke High School

60 Washington Street, rm. 303 – enter through main door and sign in at main office, signs will direct you to the meeting room space


(street parking is available  <street cleaning does take place on Wednesdays after 12 noon, look at the signs, for directions, call 617.541.5451.x102)


Discuss your plans and activities.  There are lots of exciting initiatives underway! 


GHYWA is provided support through the Grove Hall Safe Neighborhood Initiative/  former Boston Weed and Seed Site, Boston Public Health Commission, Mayor Marty Walsh, Department of Public Health, Executive Office of Public Safety and Security, Boston Police Department, Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley’s Office, Hayden, Hyams, Boston, Yawkey, Cummings, and anonymous Fnds, Children’s Hospital and Tufts Medical Center.



William Monroe Trotter K-6 School Parent Council and community meeting

Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2015

6 PM

135 Humboldt Ave.


Please join the Trotter School Parent Council and representatives from the Boston Public School community, Boston Police Department, your neighbors from the Garrison Trotter Neighborhood Association and Project RIGHT and many other representatives to address outstanding building issues and other community safety concerns. Please support the Trotter parents in their organizing campaign.



It has been a great pleasure working with your organization. We’ve noticed the wonderful opportunities that your office provides to your community and we look forward to further developing our relationship. To that end, we urge you to invite us to any upcoming events you are hosting or know of by sending invitations and information agocommunityengagment@MassMail.State.MA.US.


The Catholic Charities of Greater Boston is the community partner for our next Community Action Hours event. Staff and attorneys from the Attorney General’s Office will be available to speak with constituents about the resources our office has to offer, with a particular focus on worker’s rights, but also on consumer issues, civil rights issues, foreclosure, victim and witness assistance. As we work to implement both Earned Sick Time and the Domestic Worker’s Bill of Rights, we want to make sure all workers in the Commonwealth are aware of these important new laws. 


Here are the details:


What: The Attorney General’s Community Action Hours

When: Next Wednesday, September 23rd from 4pm to 7pm

Where: Haitian Multi Service Center at 185 Columbia Road, Suite 134, Dorchester, MA 02121


Please let us know if you or someone you know may be interested in attending. RSVP to or 617-963-2541.




(Please join Project RIGHT as we help collect signatures for the Fair Share Amendment Campaign, we have petitions here at the office if you wish to help collect signatures or to sign the petition!  Call us at 617.541.5451.x102 or


This week, MCAN and our partners at Raise Up Massachusetts launched the Fair Share Amendment Campaign, and our signature gathering period has officially begun. Will you join us in collecting signatures? Email us and we’ll mail you petition forms.
This is an opportunity of a generation to make systemic economic change - to create an economy where we all contribute to a future of abundance for our children. Our faith traditions teach us that all things belong to God, and that as stewards of land and wealth, we each have a responsibility to help build a beloved community where every one of God’s children can thrive. 

But right now, our economic system in MA does not reflect these values. Right now, millionaires pay a smaller share of their income in state and local taxes than everyone else. This is largely because low and middle-income earners pay a higher share of their income in sales taxes and property taxes, and due to the tax benefits for the wealthiest residents. 

This amendment will raise $1.3 billion annually in new state revenue by raising taxes on income over $1 million by 4%, and ensure that we all pay our fair share. The revenue will be dedicated to investing in education (public schools, pre-school, state colleges) and transportation (fixing roads, bridges, and the MBTA and regional transit systems) – the future of our children, and the reliability of our livelihoods. 
We have from now until November 15th to collect 100,000 petition signatures. We can do it, but we’ll need your help. 

**Can you please get 10+ of your friends, co-workers, church or synagogue members, or other people to sign this petition? If you think you can do it, reply to this email with your name, mailing address, email, and phone number to let us know, and we’ll send you petition forms.

Thanks and with peace,
Lew Finfer and the MCAN staff and leaders
PS: We’re proud of the two MCAN leaders who will be listed on the petition as some of the first signers - Debbie Frontierro, a leader in our ECCO affiliate and Rev. Jose Encarnacion, a leader in our Worcester Interfaith affiliate.


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