Project RIGHT, Inc. – A letter of personal gratitude

Project RIGHT, Inc. – A letter of personal gratitude

Dear Mike (Hall) and Al (Peeples),


I am writing this letter to express my sincere gratitude for you being such a wonderful role model, inspirational person, coach and actually a parent to those who never had anyone to look after or look up to.  It was a huge sacrifice of time and commitment from you and your staff to help me especially, and others, to grow and learn that working with one another is good sportsmanship, teamwork and a bigger understanding that it takes more than one person to achieve success and it doesn’t matter where you came from. 


Being a part of Mike & Al’s League – it gave us something bigger than we all anticipated, a sense of belonging and high self esteem.  Some from around the neighborhood never experienced the help or support which you provided, especially a fatherly figure.  You kept us out of trouble by taking us on field trips to see colleges and high school teams to inspire us and inform us that we also can make it with dedication and effort.  Even to this day your advice has been valuable and has given me new perspective on things in life such as doubt.  I’ve been let down and discouraged, but I realize failure is a part of taking the next step and growing.  Your leadership and guidance kept so many young minds intact from distractions.  By you being there for us in and out of the league you are much appreciated.  Even in my high school games, you attended and still guided me.  Your ideas had all of the youth energized about the road ahead; to me that was the right innovative thinking we needed to push through so many obstacles we’ve faced growing up. 


Again I want to thank you and let you know you are appreciated for what you have spilled upon us.  You devoted so much time to us and teaching us not only the mechanics of basketball but many values that I am sure we will always need throughout life.  In a day and age where everyone seems so busy you were there and I appreciate it and the gift of yourself and your time.




Raheem “Radio” Singleton


Participant in Mike and Al’s Summer and Winter Basketball League

High School:  Madison Park Technical Vocational High School (Class of 2008)

College:  University of Maine (Class of 2012)

Currently Playing for Saint John Mill Rats (National Basketball League of Canada)