Creston St.

I want to commend the bus driver and the school bus traffic supervisor for navigating
the long school bus 384 through Creston St. at the intersection at Creston St. and Blue Hill Ave. this morning.

Unfortunately cars were parked on both sides of the street near the stop signs and Creston Street seems to become more narrow at the intersection.  I did call 911 (around 9:30) requesting that a ticket be placed on the gray car parked near the stop sign.  However this situation is not isolated for school buses, I have seen mail delivery vehicles and garbage trucks (and I would be concerned about fire trucks) not being able to go through this street if vehicles are parked on both sides of the street.

My suggestion is to have no parking/ no stopping signs on one side of the street of Creston from Creston Park to Blue Hill Ave.  I think part of that stretch already does have no parking on one side, but I would extend it to the intersection of Creston and Blue Hill Ave, to prevent further delays that happen this morning for bus 384 and potentially other large vehicles, thank you for your assistance in this matter, the next email will include two pictures of today's situation
Michael kozu 617.541.5451.x102)
PRI Community Coordinator