Several outside lights are out on lilla Frederick pms school grounds and building

if these lights can be restored, it will be helpful in addressing public safety issues as students and staff leave the building especially afterschool activities or evening events..some of these lights have been previously reported
the main entrance light on the left as you first enter the school driveway
two lights on the court yard plaza
1 light in the upper parking lot
1 light on the walk way entrance between devon st and the upper parking lot (which is a continuation from Laredo st 
between 5-8 lights along the building from the art rooms and the gym and the rear delivery way (some of these lights may just need the timer reset)
1 light over the dumpster (rear delivery way)
2 lights at the end of the walkway near Normandy st, one barely lit the other not on
all of these lights impact students who particularly leave our afterschool programs and staff as they leave after dark...
thank you for your assistance in this matter.
Michael kozu
pri community coordinator
co founder of LGFPMS