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The successes of Project RIGHT, Inc. (PRI) has been due to the active participation of many residents, young people and partners in our organizing campaigns and prevention initiatives.  Many “hot spots” that were causing problems for neighborhood residents were resolved due to significant input from our participants, whether it was vacant buildings being used for drug trafficking and drug use, prostitution and squatting, rat infested vacant lots impacting abutting properties or dealing with late night “parties” that were public safety headaches.

PRI has also connected many families and young people, who were in transition and disconnected, with appropriate resources and services through partner agencies that provided them with positive opportunities.  The multilingual PRI staff also provided information and resources to families who spoke Spanish and Cape Verdean Creole.  These families were able to provide feedback on the issues that they saw important and how effective our organizing campaigns and our prevention activities were.

Among our many existing and new challenges which impact the public safety and quality of life in the Grove Hall neighborhood which is on our agenda for 2015 are the following: 

·         Continue to organize against both street and domestic violence. 

·         The inequitable student assignment (neighborhood choice) process and how schools such as the Lilla Frederick Pilot Middle School are underfunded as a result. 

·         Raising awareness and seeking solutions about the public safety problems that are created by placing seventh and eighth graders on public transportation to go to school.

·         Continuing both “SELF” and “STRETCHED” group discussions as active forums for female teenagers to speak their mind, receive support and take action!

·         Increasing the capacity of the Grove Hall Gay, Lesbian and Straight Alliance as new high school students are stepping forward to participate! 

·         Expanding Boys RIGHT (Rebuild and Improve Grove Hall Together) which is our initiative to provide support to Black and Brown male teenagers.

·         Supporting our many neighborhood resident associations, tenant association and community partners in addressing the many development and gentrification issues that is coming before us.

 With support from donors like you, PRI can continue and expand our outreach and organizing throughout our Grove Hall neighborhood.  All donations are appreciated and are tax deductible!  What your donation can support:


$10  -water for one week of double dutch and dodge ball to keep our female teens active

$25 –fruit platter for our Grove Hall Senior Empowerment Initiative monthly workshop

$50- five hours of a Peer Educator providing prevention information among teenagers

$100- pizza for seventy teenagers for one weekly Friday night (7 pm- midnight) session

$250-eight weeks of a Youth Activities Worker co-facilitating a middle school group discussion three periods per week

$500-uniforms for the fifteenth season of Mike’s and Al’s Basketball league  


Thank you for your generous support!