Current Programs and Services


Paint Night (creative painting workshops for all ages)

SPARC art workshops for seniors

Our Place Theatre Workshops


Civic Engagement

Support for Neighborhood Resident Associations (capacity building for residents)

Grove Hall Youth Workers Alliance (networking)

Grove Hall Problem Properties Task Force

Choice Neighborhood Outreach Program

Blue Hill Avenue Neighborhood Response Team

Civic engagement (voter mobilization and community service)

Grove Hall Peace Walks and Peace Council meetings

Parent support and advocacy around public school education

School Outreach and support (training on educational disparities issues)


Public Safety 

Resident training on zoning, development, public safety and other issues

Grove Hall Safe Neighborhood Initiative (community policing)

Safe and Successful Youth Initiative

Grove Hall Schools Public Safety Committee



Mike’s and Al’s Basketball League (Several leagues run through the year and serve different age groups)

Friday Late Night Activities at Roxbury YMCA (until midnight with rides homes for youth)

Substance Use

BPHC’s No Drug Coalition

Substance Abuse Outreach and Treatment referral and recovery group discussions

Treatment referrals

The 84 Movement (Teen smoking awareness program)



Grove Hall Neighborhood Trauma Team


Youth Development

Summer Youth Leadership Development Program

Department of Public Health’s Violence Prevention program (outreach for at-risk youth)

Boston Public Health Commission’s Violence, Intervention, Prevention Program

GIRL I’MPOWERED (Female Teenagers group school based discussions focusing on healthy relationships

Grove Hall Senior Empowerment Initiative workshops (Support group for teens and young adults)

Adolescent Support Group (Open to the community)

Student Support Groups (Burke HS, Trotter Elementary)

School Outreach and support (training on educational disparities issues)