About Us

Who we are:

In 1991, eight (8) entities within Grove Hall (three neighborhood resident groups, a church and four service organizations) came together to form a collaborative to address the issue of violence within the Grove Hall neighborhood of Roxbury and North Dorchester. They established Project R.I.G.H.T. (Rebuild and Improve Grove Hall Together) to increase the capacity of neighborhood resident groups and community based organizations to prevent crime and violence within Grove Hall. In 1994, Project R.I.G.H.T. was incorporated and became a 501(c) (3) tax-exempt organization. Project R.I.G.H.T., Inc. is also known as Project RIGHT, Inc. and PRI.

Since its inception, PRI has worked on public safety, violence and substance abuse prevention, electoral advocacy, and housing and economic development issues through grass roots models of sustainable resident and youth organizing. Our resident leadership has prioritized that we work on long-term solutions to some very complex and controversial social issues. PRI has formed very strong and unique collaborations, with strong resident leadership, that network and plan community-driven actions to solve problems impacting their neighborhood.

At present, there are over forty (40) organizations represented in the collaborative. PRI places a priority on increasing the number of residents involved in neighborhood associations, block watches and tenant associations within our target area. We identify resident leadership on unorganized streets to assist them in organizing their streets. Through our support and technical assistance, resident based entities have expanded their outreach efforts, grown organizationally, and worked more pro-actively in partnership on public policy issues, neighborhood concerns and housing/economic

development within Grove Hall. PRI has developed a very diverse support network for resident based groups, youth, community based organizations, merchants and faith based institutions by providing them with assistance in advocacy, leadership development, organizing, fundraising, public safety, economic and housing development, substance abuse prevention and evaluation. 

Our day-to-day work involves training and supporting emerging and existing leadership by providing an inclusive network for resident led organizations to engage in community building and human development efforts.

Our Mission:

Create, nurture, establish, strengthen, mobilize and coordinate resident and youth involvement in neighborhood stabilization, economic development and community building efforts within the neighborhoods of North Dorchester and Roxbury (Greater Grove Hall) through the grassroots organizing of neighborhood residents.

Our Vision:

Our vision for Greater Grove Hall is to have all of our residents well engaged, trained, and supported by existing and emerging new leadership in an inclusive network and support system for resident organizations to engage in community building efforts.

Our vision for Project RIGHT, Inc. is to be an agency that is cutting edge and innovative, an agency that is engaged and grounded within the community, and an agency that known as a convener, facilitator, collaborator, partner and supporter of the Greater Grove Hall community.